What is a Baseline Test?

A Baseline Test is performed on a healthy athlete

  • Memory
  • Concentration
  • Vision Testing
  • Reaction Time
  • Strength Testing
  • Neurocognitive Testing
  • Balance and Proprioception

Each Test Evaluates

An injury has occurred and you suspect a Concussion...

If a concussion is suspected, our concussion specialists are available to see you within 24-48 hours* after injury.

In the event of a concussion, athletes are re-tested and compared to their baseline results to help ensure safe return to play decisions.

*Our sport doctor is available 5 days a week. Unless our doctor is out of the office or away, this policy will apply with best efforts.

A safe return to the sport you love

In most cases, athletes should be symptom free before they redo their baseline test. This is usually following exertional testing and on-going management by the medical team at LiveActive.

Baseline Testing at LiveActive Sport Medicine includes any notes for school or sport

Concussion baseline testing is not recommended for every athlete. However, as level of play increases, the risk of concussion does too. Elite athletes may benefit from baseline testing.



Enjoy huge savings on our Baseline Testing Days or organize your own with a group of 10 or more!

Baseline Testing Days

Baseline Tests at LiveActive Sport Medicine


Baseline tests

Should be completed once per year

All LiveActive Locations



$150 $75 for group baseline testing**

$150 for individual baseline tests

  • Included:
  • Comprehensive Testing
  • Access to the Complete Concussion Management App
  • Priority Booking with LiveActive Sport Medicine Doctors
  • Educational Session for Athletes and Parents
  • Access to 150 Concussion Clinics Across Canada
  • ** Includes computer based Neurocognitive Screening Test
  • Pricing is for Baseline Testing Days and Group Testing

Testing Day Schedule

Individual Baseline Tests can be scheduled during regular clinic hours

Organize Baseline Tests for your team, school, or organization and we will provide testing at a time that is convenient for you

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